DMLX Installation and Running Tools

The latest evolution of our premier wellhead system has arrived. DMLX is everything producers have come to expect from world-class wellhead manufacturers: internal latch, offline cementing, quick-connects, and a complete torque-through mandrel package. Simple to run yet sophisticatedly engineered, this scalable and repeatable system has been designed to maximize production by saving our customers both time and money.

Check out our extended animation on the system below. Highlighting our industry-leading, time-saving running tools and installation sequence, this animation will help you get a better idea why DMLX is the wellhead system you need for your next program.

Questions about DMLX? We've got you covered.

As a cutting edge wellhead manufacturer, we look forward to working closely with you on your programs in the Permian Basin and throughout North America.

Over the past year, we’ve continued innovating as we launched the latest iteration of our premier wellhead system — the DMLX — with our operator partners in the Permian.