Offering accelerated installation, scalability, repeatability, and reduced time.

When Every Second Counts

60 years of wellhead expertise featuring today’s market requirements: internal latch, offline cementing, quick-connects, and a complete torque-through mandrel package. Offering our customers a simple yet sophisticated sequence for their wellhead systems, DMLX is scalable and repeatable, designed with your long-term needs in mind — and with an intense focus on saving time at every step.

Designed to maximize efficiency

DMLX was designed with a unitized housing and compact profile to reduce space and complexity. Featuring quick connect BOP makeup with an internal latch for hangers and packoffs.

 Accelerated Installation

  • BOP makeup in 15 mins
  • Offline cementing
  • Tools reduce pipe handling and tool trips
  • Reduced time in cellar
  • BOP connection independently testable

Scalable and Repeatable

Our running tools and internals are rationalized to be scalable and repeatable. This level of standardization allows for similar installation and operation throughout the range.

No matter what configuration you need, DMLX makes it faster, easier, and more efficient.

  • Configurable for different casing programs
  • Hangers and packoffs consistent for split and unitized housings and pressure ratings
  • Consistent operations across casing programs and configurations

Questions about DMLX? We've got you covered.

As a cutting edge wellhead manufacturer, we look forward to working closely with you on your programs in the Permian Basin and throughout North America.

Over the past year, we’ve continued innovating as we launched the latest iteration of our premier wellhead system — the DMLX — with our operator partners in the Permian.